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Ocean and Resources Engineering: Finding Background Reading

Background Reading

Hawaii Voyager

 The online catalog of the University of Hawaii. Begin with keywords that describe your topic, such as ocean AND drilling

Refine your search by clicking on a record and identifying relevant Library of Congress Subject Headings.

Voyager Basic Search Tips

  • Use ? to truncate words
  • Use Journal Title Begins With to search for a particular journal
  • Use Title Begins With to search, a book title,
    example: deepwater offshore wind technology research requirements  will retrieve the record for this electronic government document.
  • Search by keyword phrases by enclosing the phrases in quotes, example: "deep sea drilling" keyword search
  • Use the Get Item link to recall a checked out book or to request the book from another UH System library.

Dissertations and Theses

A database of most of the U.S. university dissertations, some theses going back to 1861. Dissertations published after 1997 are available to UH Manoa in full-text pdfs. Try searching in Advanced Search: OCEAN ENGINEERING as a subject name and UNIVERSITY OF HAWAI* as a school name. Note: include the asterisk (*) to find all records with an okina in Hawai'i.

Annual Reviews via the UHM proxyserver

Annual Reviews is a collection of substantive review articles in a broad range of science and social science disciplines by scholars who are recognized as authorities in their fields.

Click on Search to look for articles in your topic areas.

Google Books

Use Google Books to find information about your topic in books the UH Manoa Library may have on the shelves. Google Books provides a way to find information that might otherwise be hidden.  Books published earlier than 1923 are in public domain and will usually be available to you in full-text, downloadable pdfs.

Search in Voyager on the titles of books that you find in Google Books to locate them on the UH Manoa Library shelves.

Useful Links

Articles or books that UH does not have in the collections can be borrowed from other libraries through ILS.  Articles and chapters of books will be scanned in for you to download.

  • Science & Technology Reference

    Links to subject guides, contact information, workshops.

  • Find Electronic Journals and Databases

    To find electronic journals provided by the UH Manoa Libraries search the Electronic Resources gateway. Note: the best way to link to articles is from the index through the FIND IT link.

  • Interlibrary Loan Services
  • Library Hours

    Get the most up-to-date hours for the library here.

  • Call Number Locations

    Most of the science collections (Library of Congress alpha Q-V) will be in the Addition floors 1-4. Exceptions include items marked Folio, which are held on the 2nd floor Main, items held in Sinclair Library, and Oceanography (Library of Congress alpha GC on the 2nd floor Main)

  • ID Registration for UHM Library

    Register your ID with the UHM Library to access electronic resources wherever you have an internet connection.

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