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Course Reserves: Media/Streaming Reserves Info

Physical copies and streaming video

Physical copies as well as streaming videos may be put on reserve.

Physical copies include media that is owned by the Wong Audiovisual Center and by faculty and can be put on reserve by submitting a Media Reserve Request form.

Streaming videos are available through UH Library subscription or by submitting a Request to Stream on Laulima form. Restrictions apply; see below.

Physical copies

Although media belonging to other libraries will not be put on reserve in the Wong Audiovisual Center, we encourage you to include the titles on your Media Reserve List and we will purchase them as funds allow.  Please allow a minimum of two months for media that needs to be purchased to be received in the Wong AV/C.

Media will be on reserve for the entire semester with a default loan period of 3 hours.  Faculty and designated Graduate Assistants may borrow items on reserve for their course on an extended loan period.

Faculty who wish to borrow items on reserve for another faculty member may do so by getting written permission from them.

Streaming Video

Before making a request for streaming video, please look over our extensive available streaming resource databases. Not all of the databases, unfortunately, are searchable via the library catalog.

The library fulfills reserves requests for streaming videos under the following circumstances:

1. Purchasing streaming educational licenses
2. Requesting streaming video (clips or full films) for distance or hybrid learning under the TEACH Act, with limits on length by duration of regular teaching session (details below)
3. Requesting streaming a full-length film or TV episode for film studies classes under fair use guidelines, if there is no commercial streaming version available for individuals or educational institutions (details below)

We reserve the right to refuse to digitize films that have the potential to violate the UH Mānoa Library policy and/or current copyright laws. Films copied off the air or from commercial media must be accompanied by written copyright approval.

When we receive your request form, we will search for a legal streaming copy of the film. If one is found, then we will purchase a streaming license for it, as funds allow. If you are already aware that a video is available via an educational streaming license, please let us know.

If there is a film in our collections that only exists in VHS or other obsolete form and has never been issued commercially in a digital form, it may be a candidate for digitization for preservation.

Requesting streaming video for distance or hybrid learning under the TEACH Act

We will digitize and stream videos on Laulima under the following guidelines:

  • Either belongs to the UH Mānoa Libraries or yourself
  • Are directly related and of material assistance to your teaching content
  • Are only shared with students in your class
  • Are used in lieu of in-person learning
  • Are meant to replace a lecture (i.e. distance learning), not for student work outside of class
  • Are required to be seen by all enrolled students in the class, not assigned as extra-credit or optional task
  • Are shorter than a regular teaching session

Regarding duration of a "regular teaching session," we interpret this requirement this way:

  • If the duration of the videotape of DVD is under 50 minutes, or 80 minutes if it is an online only course, then we will digitize the entire film
  • If the duration of the videotape or DVD exceeds 50 minutes, then we will  ask you to consider using less than 50 minutes of clips from the film, or 80 minutes if it is an online only course. If this is an option that you will not consider, then we will work with you to pursue other legal options, including putting the videotape or DVD on reserve for the entire semester for the students taking your course and/or scheduling a class viewing session in our media classroom.

Please indicate on the request form the segment of the video needed for your clip.

If we do not own a copy of a film that you like to have in streaming format or is not available for streaming online, then we will purchase a DVD copy, as funds allow.  Please allow a minimum of two months for media that needs to be purchased to be received in the Wong AV/C.

Requesting streaming a full-length film or TV episode for film studies under fair use guidelines

We will digitize and stream full-length movies or TV episodes on Laulima under the following guidelines:

  • The legally-acquired video (either the instructor’s personal copy or the library's) is placed on reserve for the semester
  • The video is only shared with students in your class
  • After a reasonable search, a legal streaming version of the video is not available in the U.S. from any vendor, either for an individual viewing or an educational license
  • The course primarily studies film
  • The video is listed on the syllabus as required viewing for all students in the course

These specifications meet three of the four factors of fair use:

1. The Purpose and Character of the Use: Teaching film is a transformative act, as discussing and analyzing the work in class creates new insights, expression, meaning, and understandings about the work. Further, the work is being studied in a non-profit educational context and only available to those in the course for the duration of the course.

2. Amount of the Work: While we will using the whole film, there is a strong pedagogical argument for showing the entirety of the work in a film studies context.

3. The Effect of the Use Upon the Potential Market: As we are only digitizing and streaming videos for which a streaming version cannot be viewed or acquired legally in the U.S., there will be no negative effect upon the market. If we were not streaming, the alternative would be to show the complete video via physical copy in a separate "lab" session, a common practice under the educational exemption, which only requires the one copy of the video—a copy that the library or teacher has acquired in this case, contributing to the market.

If we are unable to determine if the course taught is primarily a films studies course, we will request a copy of your syllabus and make the decision based on that document.

As stated above, if the video is already available on commercial streaming services such as Amazon or Netflix, we will not digitize the video. We believe from a Spring 2016 survey that between 75–90% of undergraduate students at UHM have access to Netflix; those who do not currently have access can either watch the film on physical reserves or sign up for Netflix for the semester, often for less than the cost of a textbook. Amazon digital movies can also be cheaply rented individually.

Submitting forms and Processing times

Download the Media Reserve Request form for physical copies and/or the Request to Stream on Laulima form for streaming videos.

Please read the Notice of Copyright before signing or typing in your name.

Submit the completed form to Sinclair Library.

  • Save a copy and send it as an attachment to
  • In person at the Wong Audiovisual Center (Sinclair Library 3rd floor) during normal business hours.  Printed forms are also available at the Wong AV/C
  • FAX - 808-956-5952
  • By postal or campus mail to:

University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
Gregg M. Sinclair Library
2550 McCarthy Mall
Honolulu, HI 96822

Requests may be submitted two months before the beginning of the semester and are processed in the order that they are received.

Recommended dates to submit Requests to Stream on Laulima

Processing time for physical copies usually takes 1-5 working days; for streaming video it may take up to three weeks.

Location and Hours


Streaming Video Subscriptions

UH Library subscribes to some wonderful streaming video collections.  You will need to use your UH username and password to log in and view these videos.