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Education Research Guide: Home

Basic Search Techniques

Each database interface looks a little different. But they usually have some common features and there are similar search techniques you can use:

  • Enclose phrases in quotation marks: "social informatics"
  • Use * (or sometimes ! or ?) to truncate words: hawaii* searches for hawaii, hawaiian, hawaiians
  • Re-sort search results if needed: by Relevance, or Most Recent First.
  • Note Export, E-Mail or Print features, and Previous Search buttons. 

About Journals

Featured Databases for Education

Read this first.  Use the suggested article databases to search for journal articles by subject. Often the full text of the article will be immediately accessible in the database you search. Sometimes, however, the database only provides a citation (article title, journal name, year, etc.) for the article. If you have only a citation, determine if the library has the journal that contains the article you want by following the steps to find journals (in the box to the right).

See More Databases for Education for additional resources.

Need More Help?

Jennifer Beamer, Librarian for Education

(808) 956-2523

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New Books

Can't Find It Online?

If the database you're searching doesn't seem to have the full text of the article attached, try these steps:

Journals Publishing on Indigenous Peoples

A select list of journals focusing on indigenous peoples

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