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Ocean and Resources Engineering: Books

OneSearch is a tool that searches almost everything UHM library has access to. OneSearch is able to search through multiple databases and the UH Voyager Catalog at one time. Results include books, articles, conference papers, maps, government documents, DVDs, archives & manuscripts, and more.


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Books relevant to ORE

Books in UH Libraries are shelved by Library of Congress call numbers.

Technology - T
Civil Engineering - TA 1-2040
Hydraulic Engineering - TC 1-1800
Ocean Engineering - TC 1501-1800
Sanitary Engineering - TD 1-1066
Highway Engineering - TE 1-450
Railroad Engineering - TF 1-620
Bridge Engineering - TG 1-470
Building Construction - TH 1-9745
Mechanical Engineering - TJ 1-1570
Solar Energy, Windmills - TJ 807-835
Electrical Engineering - TK 1-9971
Motor Vehicles, Cycles - TL 1-499
Aeronautics - TL 500-779
Astronautics - TL 780-4050 
Mining Engineering - TN 1-997
Manufacturing Engineering - TS 1-2301

Map of Call Number locations in the library.

Integrating information into the engineering design process

Integrating Information into the Engineering Design Process

Michael Fosmire, Purdue University

David Radcliffe, Purdue University