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EndNote Basic: Cite While You Write

Using Endnote Basic, a free resource, to manage your citations

Using Cite While You Write

After downloading the Cite While You Write plugin (under the Format tab in EndNote Basic), EndNote commands will appear in Word. The Cite While You Write plugin allows communication between EndNote Basic and Microsoft Word.

  1. Start typing  your document. Place the cursor where you would like to insert a citation.
  2. Click on the Find Citation command in the EndNote toolbar to open up a connection to EndNote Basic. You will be asked to log in to your EndNote Basic account.  Enter a term in the search box that will bring up the desired citation(s) in the search results.  Click on the citations(s) to be inserted, then click Insert
  3. EndNote Basic will insert the citation in the document and start to build your references at the end of the document. The references may appear in a generic format.
  4. To make the in-text citations and reference list appear in the style of your choice, ex. APA 6th, JAMA, Vancouver, etc., click on the arrow in the Bibliography button to see your options.   
  5. Continue writing your document and inserting citations.

EndNote Basic (Web) in MS Word (2017) Toolbar

Removing Field Codes from Word 2013 Tutorial

Some publishers require documents without field codes. EndNote Basic provides a tool to create a formatted document stripped of Cite While You Write field codes.

This video does not have Closed Captioning available. If you would like a transcript of the recording, please contact the Science and Technology Department at (808) 956 8263 or

Download the CWYW plug-in


Use the "Cite While You Write" Plug-in to automatically insert references, format citations, and format bibliographies while you write your paper in Word.

To install the Capture tool, just drag the Capture Reference button to your Bookmarks bar (also known as "Favorites Bar" or "Bookmarks Toolbar"). In some browsers, you may need to right-click and select "Add to Favorites" or "Bookmark This Link." To use it, browse to a page you like and click the Capture Reference button in the Bookmarks bar. The Capture Reference window will open. Follow the instructions in the window.

Cite While You Write Tutorial

This tutorial from Endnote, demonstrates how to add citations to a Word document.

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