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Trial Chinese Electronic Resources: Modern & Contemporary China (1949- )

To better support online teaching and research during the COVID-19 pandemic, the library has set up a growing number of trial Chinese electronic resources for Chinese studies at UHM.

Comprehensive Databases

China Academic Journals Database 中国期刊全文数据库

Full texts of 8,000+ Chinese academic journals.

China Monographic Serials Database 中国学术辑刊全文数据库

Monographic Serials are publications with ISBN, published continuously but in different frequency in China. Monographic Serials are usually published by academic institutions or research institutes. In most cases, it is believed that Monographic Serials are of high quality and expertise because they only get published an issue when the publishers get enough manuscripts.


Chinese Cultural and Historical Database 文史数据库

Full texts of publications about People's Political Consultative Conference and modern Chinese history.


CPC History Database 中国共产党党史经典文献数据库

A collection of CPC representative policy papers, reports, treatises and documents, 1921 to 1966.


PRC National History Database 中华人民共和国国史数据库

On Chinese national history, 1921 to 1980s.


Taiwan Mainland Townsmen Associations Database 台湾大陆同乡会文献数据库

Over 100 titles of periodicals published in Taiwan by mainland townsmen associations.


Zhang Letian Fieldwork Database 张乐天联民村数据库

Household accounts, accounting books, and historical documents, etc. on production and land reform of Lianmin Village, Zhejiang Province, 1956-1980s.



China Core Newspapers Database 中国重要报纸全文数据库

Full texts of 643 Chinese newspapers in China published since 2000.


China Poverty Alleviation Database 中国减贫研究数据库

Research books, reports, and papers on current China's Poverty Alleviation efforts.


China Yearbooks Database 中国年鉴网络出版总库

Largest and continuously updated yearbooks full-text database in China.


National Population Census Database 中国人口普查数据库

Census data of 152 titles and 329 volumes published  by China Statistics Press.


Pishu Database 皮书数据库

Full texts of analytical reports on current national and international policy issues.


Think Tank Database 科学智库

Full texts of research reports and academic works of contemporary China, including politics, economy, science and technology, society, enterprises, education and culture.


iRead eBooks 華藝中文電子書

Full texts of academic e-books published by nearly 300 Taiwan publishers in humanities, social sciences, and business management.