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American Studies Research Guide: Selected Journals

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Selected Journals for American Studies

The "Selected Periodicals" below are those listed in Laguardia, Cheryl Magazines for Libraries, 2004, PN4832.K2 CVR, that are currently owned by or accessible through Hamilton Library. Search the library catalog and/or electronic resources for complete holdings information. Of course, we encourage you to draw on journals which you discover from any interdisciplinary database as well.

Amerasia journal
Hamilton E184.O6 A5

American Antiquarian Society
Hamilton E172.A34

American heritage
Hamilton E171.A43

American historical review
back issues

Hamilton E171 .A57

American Jewish history
Hamilton E184.J5 A5

American Jewish year book
Hamilton E184.J5 A6

American studies
Hamilton E169.1.M6215

American studies international
Hamilton E169.12.A43

AmeriQuests - Journal of Vanderbilt U, Center for the Americas
online only

Australasian journal of American studies
Hamilton E169.1.A433

Biennial report - Japan-United States Friendship Commission
Hamilton Asia E183.8.J3 J335a

Bulletin - Chinese Historical Society of America
Hamilton E184.C5 C48

CGP newsletter
Hamilton Asia E183.8.J3 C42

Chinese America, history and perspectives
Hamilton E184.C5 C482

Common-Place | American history before 1900
Online only

Hamilton E184.O6 C76

Diplomatic history
Hamilton E183.7.D48

Doshisha Amerika kenkyu
Hamilton Asia E171.D67

Hamilton E184.O6 E17

Explorations in ethnic studies
Hamilton Asia E184.A1 E96

Hamilton Folio E184.J5 A54

Historic preservation news
Hamilton E159 .N37

Historic preservation forum
Hamilton E159 .P74

History news
Hamilton E172.H57

Hamilton E184.O22

Indian journal of American studies
Hamilton Asia E169.12 .I45

Japan-America journal
Hamilton Hawaiian E183.8.J3 J285

Journal of American culture
Hamilton E169.1.J7

Journal of American ethnic history
Hamilton E184.A1 J67

Journal of American history
Hamilton E171.J861

Journal of American studies
Hamilton E151.J68

Journal of the early Republic
Hamilton E164 .J68

Journal of military history
Hamilton E181.M55

Ka Nupepa = The Newspaper - Hawaii State Society
Hamilton Hawaiian E184.H3 N86

Little India
Hamilton Asia E184.E2 L58

Migukhak = American studies
Hamilton East E151.M48

News-letter of the American Antiquarian Society
Hamilton E172 .A342

Oral History Association newsletter
Hamilton E172.O72

Ou Mei yen chiu = EurAmerica
Hamilton East E175.8.M44

Hamilton E172 .A63

Preservation:the magazine of the National Trust for Historic Preservation
Hamilton E151.H5

Program of the annual meeting - American Historical Association
Hamilton E172 .A602

Hamilton E169.1.P898

Hamilton Hawaiian E184.O6 R47

Sino-American relations
Hamilton Asia E183.8.T3 S56

Studies in popular culture
Hamilton E169.1.S935

Hamilton E184.O6 A74

U.S. China relations
Hamilton Asia E183.8.C5 U48