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Okinawan Studies: Newspapers/Magazines

This guide to introduce you to resources on Okinawa and Ryukyu.

Online Newspapers

Okinawa Newspapers Published Before WWII


  • Ryukyu Shimpo / 琉球新報  (JPN version)
    • 1898-1918 and 1938-1940 are available on PC#3 at the Asia Collection Reading Room on the 4th floor of Hamilton Library (software is already installed)
    • Vol. 1 (1898-1903),  vol. 2 (1904-1908),  vol. 3 (1909-1913), and  vol. 4 (1914-1918)
  • Kindai Okinawa Shinbun Shusei DVD-ban / 近代沖縄新聞集成DVD版  (JPN version)
    • Access at PC #3 of the Asia Reading Room
    • Library Use Only (available Mon-Fri, 10-4pm)
  • Okinawa Nippo / 沖縄日報 covered from 1936 to 1940 (DVD version)
  • Okinawa Mainichi Shinbun / 沖縄毎日新聞 covering from 1909-1914 (DVD version)
  • Ryukyu Shinpo / 琉球新報 covering from 1898-1912

Okinawa Newspapers Published After WWII

Online Database/Microfilm/DVD-R

  • okinawa times  Okinawa Times (UHM Use Only(JPN version)

Printed Comilations

Printed Index

Okinawa Magazines List

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Newspaper Articles on Okinawan-Americans in Hawai'i

[ ; last accessed on August 31, 2018]

  • The largest online newspaper archive
  • 8,800+ newspapers from the 1700s–2000s
  • Millions of additional pages added every month
On this site, you can search terms such as "Okinawa" or "Okinawan" and find the dates and names of the newspapers published in Hawai'i. However, actual newspaper articles are not available. 
Hawaiian Collection 

Hawaiian Collection in Hamilton Library has resources on Americans with Okinawan ancestry. Please visit make an appointment with Hawai'i Collection Librarians for a research consultation. 

  • Phone: (808) 956-8264