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Copyright and Fair Use @ UH Manoa: The Internet and Copyright

Copyright guidelines for the University of Hawaii at Manoa Library and information for faculty and students on copyright and fair use of materials in education

Copyright in the Age of the Internet

The internet has made sharing and copying far easier, but because of this ease of copying, sometimes content creators do not get properly compensated for their work. Here are some common internet practices that may be violating copyright law, with some solutions:

  • Posting a picture without permission from creator of picture (consider using pictures with Creative Commons licenses)
  • Posting your own cover version of a popular song (you should get permission)
  • Posting your own video using other music as a soundtrack (you need to get permission, though YouTube may tag the song as a cover and start paying the copyright owner royalties from the commercials that play)

If you are planning on making money from these efforts, it is much more likely that a lawsuit may be brought against you.

Digital Millennium Copyright Act

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act was passed in 1998 and addresses issues of copyright as they relate to computer programs, the internet, and other more advanced technologies not represented in older legislation.