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Japan Studies: Newspapers in Japan: Nishiki-e Shinbun 錦絵新聞

A brief history and information about newspapers published in Japan

In this guide...

English Newspapers 英字新聞 in Japan  a brief history

Kawaraban かわら版 Woodblock print newspaper during the Edo era

Nishiki-e Shinbun 錦絵新聞 Woodblock print newspaper during the Meiji period

Early Japanese Newspapers 邦字新聞 a brief history and images

Basic newspaper terms that you need to know before reading Japanese newspapers

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Nishiki-e shinbun 錦絵新聞

The Nishiki-e shinbun was a new type of media during the Meiji period. It is a combination (hybrid) between Ukiyo-e (woodblock prints) and newspapers. It is one sheet of colored woodblock print with a news article written in. It is said that the Tokyo Nichi Nichi Shinbun 「東京日日新聞」 article was the first its kind published in 1874 (明治7). For more information about Nishiki-e Shinbun @University of Tokyo's Birth of Newspapers in Japan ニュースの誕生 「錦絵新聞とは何か」

nishikie shinbun 2  University of Tokyo 「ニュースの誕生」 「東京日日新聞」

nishikie shinbun 1 Japan Newspaper Park 日本新聞博物館 「報知新聞」

nishikie shinbun 3 Waseda University Kotenseki Database 「大阪錦絵新話」

Nichiki-e Shinbun descriptions

Courtesy to p. 8. "Nishiki-e shinbun kaitai 錦絵新聞解体", Nihon Shinbun Hakubutsukan "Meiji no media-shi tachi: Nishikie Shinbun no sekai." 2011. 図録「明治のメディア師たち-錦絵新聞の世界」日本新聞博物館。

nishikie kaitai

People involved in Nishiki-e Shinbun

People who created Nishiki-e Shinbun 錦絵新聞のメディア師

Artists 絵師

  • 歌川国芳
  • 月岡芳年
  • 落合芳幾

Journarists 新聞記者

  • 岸田吟香
  • 福地桜痴
  • 高畠藍泉
  • 篠野伝平
  • 仮名書魯文