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Japan Studies: Newspapers in Japan: Japanese Newspaper Terminology

A brief history and information about newspapers published in Japan

In this guide...

English Newspapers 英字新聞 in Japan  a brief history

Kawaraban かわら版 Woodblock print newspaper during the Edo era

Nishiki-e Shinbun 錦絵新聞 Woodblock print newspaper during the Meiji period

Early Japanese Newspapers 邦字新聞 a brief history and images

Basic newspaper terms that you need to know before reading Japanese newspapers

Newspaper Format

原紙(げんし) print newspapers as they were published 発行されたままの紙の新聞

縮刷版(しゅくさつばん)reduced sized editions

復刻版(ふっこくばん)reprints of the original

マイクロフィルム microfilms

ウェブ版 Web version
   Pay by view news
   Free Internet news

フルテキストオンラインデータベース  full-texts online database

フルテキストオンラインデータベース紙面画像付 full-texts online database with paper images

Columns 欄

社説 (しゃせつ)editorial

文芸欄 (ぶんげいらん)art & literary columns

連載(小説) (れんさい しょうせつ)a serial novel

社会欄 (しゃかいらん)issues related to a society

家庭欄 (かていらん)issues related to home and family

婦人欄 (ふじんらん)issues related to women

身の上相談 (みのうえそうだん)/人生相談 (じんせいそうだん) Dear Abby-type consultations/advice seeking

投書欄 (とうしょらん)Letters to the editor


見出し (みだし) Headlines

本文 (ほんぶん) Articles

 (だん) A Japanese newspaper page is usually divided into several parts for adjusting an article fit adequately in one page. Each horizontal section is called "dan." 1 段 starts from the top right.

Version/Form 種類

全国紙(ぜんこくし)nation-wide newspapers ex: 朝日新聞、毎日新聞、読売新聞、日本経済新聞、産経新聞

地方紙(ちほうし)local newspapers ex: 北海道新聞、長崎新聞、琉球新報、沖縄タイムス

Edition 版

地方版(ちほうばん)local or regional editions

朝刊(ちょうかん)morning edition

夕刊(ゆうかん)evening edition


号外(ごうがい) extra or special editions

外地版(がいちばん)overseas editions during the colonial times

Pages 面

1面 (いちめん) Front page, also refers as 総合面

政治面 (せいじめん) Political section page

国際面 (こくさいめん) International section page

経済面 (けいざいめん) Economics/Business section page

社会面 (しゃかいめん) Society/social section page

家庭面 (かていめん) Home/Family section page