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Japan Studies: Newspapers in Japan: Early English Newspapers

A brief history and information about newspapers published in Japan

In this guide...

English Newspapers 英字新聞 in Japan  a brief history

Kawaraban かわら版 Woodblock print newspaper during the Edo era

Nishiki-e Shinbun 錦絵新聞 Woodblock print newspaper during the Meiji period

Early Japanese Newspapers 邦字新聞 a brief history and images

Basic newspaper terms that you need to know before reading Japanese newspapers

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Chronological Timeline

1861 (文久元年) 6.22 Nagasaki Shipping List and Advertiser 1st English newspaper published by A.W. Hansard (an Englishman) 28 issues

1861 (文久元年)-1914 (大正3年) Japan Herald A.W. Hansard ended the Nagasaki Shipping List and Advertiser after 28 issues and moved to Yokohawa and started published Japan Herald

1862 (文久2年) Japan Express published by an American named ショイヤー Raphael Schoyer

1863 (文久3年) May Japan Commercial News published by a Portugues person named F. da Roza エフ・ダ・ローザfor 2 years. The printing machine was sold to an Englishman, Charles Rickerby

1865 September-1870 Japan Times published by Charles Rickerby in Yokohama

1867 Japan Gazette published by John Black

1868 Hiogo News and Osaka Herald

1870 Japan Mail published after the Japan Times ceased.

1878 Japan Mail & Times

1879 Kobe Advertiser and Shipping Register

1890 Japan Advertiser

1891 Kobe Chronicle

1897 Japan Times, merged with the Japan Mail and changed the name to the Japan Times and Mail (1918), changed the name to the Nippon Times (1943), and changed again to the Japan Times (1956)

1900 Japan Chronicle the Hiogo News and the Kobe Chronicle were merged

1922 Mainichi Changed the name to the Mainich Daily News (1960), suspended in 2001

1940 Japan Times and Advertiser resulted from the merge between the Japan Advertiser & Kobe Chronicle

1949 Shipping and Trade News

1950 Japan News Changed to the Yomiuri Japan News (1956), and later (1958) the Yomiuri

1952 Tokyo Evening News, changed to the Asahi Evening News in 1954

See the image of the timeline and more information @Eiji Shinbun shi 英字新聞史