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TIM 431 Strategic Management

This guide is designed to help UH Mānoa students in TIM 431, Strategic Management for the Travel / Hospitality Industry and focuses on UH Mānoa Library resources available online. Most of these resources are restricted by license and allow access for UH Mānoa students, faculty and staff only. This guide is not comprehensive; it does not include all library resources that might be relevant to a particular student's work.

Library Databases for Industry Financial Ratios

Create Your Own "Industry Group" Ratios With Mergent Online

           Open Mergent in a separate window.

Step-by-step instructions for creating your own custom ratio lists using Mergent Online's classification criteria search.

  1. Search the database with the classification criteria using NAICS codes, SIC codes, or Mergent Industry Codes (MIC) to identify peer companies. Tip: Select the country or index to limit the search to a more defined group (when appropriate).
  2. Create your custom "Company Analysis List" by adding selected companies (or entire results list, up to 500 companies).
  3. In the "My Mergent Tools" menu (upper right corner), click on the Company Analysis List to open the custom report builder.
  4. Select the "Company Comparison Report" link.
  5. Move your selected companies over to the Company Comparison Report box on the right.
  6. Report Type: Select "List by Item." (default)
  7. Select Data Items. Expand the Ratios menu and move selected ratios to the Report Items box on the right.
  8. Click the "Include Averages" checkbox.
  9. Select appropriate years of reporting.
  10. Select a format (HTML, PDF, Word, Excel) and click the "Create Report" button.

The report will provide the selected ratios for each individual company and "peer averages" in the column header.

Core Print Resources for Industry Ratios

Understanding Financial Ratios

eStatement Studies includes a section for understanding the basics of financial ratios.

After opening the eStatement Studies database:

  1. Select "About eStatement Studies" from Resources section.
  2. From the left-side menu, select "Financial Ratio Benchmarks Data"

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