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Society for Professional Journalists: Education

Hawai`i and other states

The State of Hawai`i Department of Education provides statistics on topics such as school enrollment, academic achievement, crimes in schools, and participation in the National School Lunch Program.

In Hawai`i, National School Lunch Program data is available from DOE. However, in other states, data may be available from a different agency. For example, in Nevada, the Department of Agriculture publishes NSLP data for Nevada schools.

Federal statistics

The National Center for Education Statistics issues statistical reports compiled from data provided by states through surveys.

Higher Education

Public universities usually have an institutional research office that publishes reports about enrollment, demographics, degrees completed, etc. The Common Data Set is a set of standard data used across educational institutions for reporting purposes. Universities also conduct surveys of students and alumni, and the survey results are usually posted on the institutional research site.

IPEDS, the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System, aggregates data from colleges and universities that receive federal funds.