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HWST 341: Mo'okū'auhau: Hawaiian Genealogies Research: Marriage Records

About Marriage Records

The Department of Health has had the responsiblity of registering marriages since 1896. Prior to 1896, marriage records were kept by other agencies whose records now reside at the Department of Health or the Hawaii State Archives. Some marriage records created by the missionaries are also at the Hawaii State Archives, while others may still be at the churches where the ceremonies were performed. 

The Research Process

Getting Started - How do I find Marriage Records?
Marriage Records are found at the Department of Health, Hawaii State Archives, and the Hawaii State Library Main Branch. To obtain these records, you will need to consult Marriage Record Indexes to see if your kupuna names are listed. UH Manoa has a couple of these indexes (see next column), but you will need to look at the other indexes held exclusively at the Hawaii State Archives and Hawaii State Library Main Branch to be thorough.

First, start with the online genealogy indexes on Ulukau. They have Marriage Record Indexes from the Hawaii State Archives spanning 1826-1929 for all the islands.

Available at UH Mānoa

Hamilton Library has the following birth records resources