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Ahupuaʻa: Land Division Research: Finding Newspapers

Getting Started

There are two screenshots that will help you find resources about your area in US West Newsstream. Both screenshots show you how to construct an advanced search that will look in Honolulu newspapers from 1996-now. To find other newspaper articles published about Hawaii, check out the Hawaii-related Sources page.

Start Your Search

Click here to start searching in US West Newsstream to find newspaper articles written in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, Honolulu Advertiser, and Honolulu Star-Bulletin. If you get stuck, need help, or have any additional questions, Please e-mail me at

Searching US West Newsstream

Step 1. Click Advanced Search

Screenshop image of US West Newsstream Advanced Search

Step 2: Set up your search with the following information by typing in your search terms and copying the publication titles search phrase below.

2a. Copy this into the next search box: Exact("Honolulu Advertiser" OR "Honolulu Star - Advertiser" OR "Honolulu Star - Bulletin")
2b. Select Publication title - PUB from the dropdown menu.

Screenshot of example advanced search terms