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Open Educational Resources at the University of Hawaii: OER, Attribution, Creative Commons Licenses

Creative Commons Attribution for your own work

  1. What is the title?
  2. Who is the author/creator?
  3. What is the Source? (e.g. Flickr, YouTube, etc.)
  4. How is the work licensed? (e.g. CC-By United States License 3.0 will allow others to use the work with attribution.)

What if you use someone else's work in your OER?

Example: You have included a Khan Academy video lesson

Provide the:

  1. Title of the work; link
  2. Hosting organization (e.g. YouTube)
  3. Terms of Use: Video licensed under CC By Non-commercial Use U.S. License 3.0
  4. Attribution: Khan Academy

Open Attribution Builder

Center for Social Media

Make your Creative Commons License machine-readable