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Course Reserves: Controlled Digital Lending - Print Reserves

Controlled Digital Lending - Print Course Reserves

Controlled Digital Lending for Print Course Reserves - PILOT


We are pleased to announce a new alternative for Print Course Reserves referred to as Controlled Digital Lending (CDL)

What is Controlled Digital Lending (CDL) for Print Course Reserves:
CDL is a way of sharing books online for students who are unable to come to the library to use the physical copy. Using the legal copyright framework of “first sale” and “fair use”, in education settings, the library can digitize whole books and make them available online for Print Course Reserves with controlled access. The basic tenet of CDL is the digital version is read-only, not downloadable, no printing, and maintains a one-to-one ratio with our print holdings. The one-to-one ratio means the print copy is unavailable for borrowing when it has been made available as a CDL version.  

In order to provide CDL for Print Course Reserves the library recently purchased and is piloting new digitizing equipment and software programs.  DSE Content Server provides the digital content management and the MyDocs app as the content reader for the instructors and students to use. The MyDocs is a free app downloadable from Microsoft, Apple, and Android stores.

The DSE Content Server will create AutoLinks and QR codes which the instructors can post into their course outlines or Laulima modules. Instructors and students will checkout and read the item or view it later in the MyDocs app.There is one viewer at a time per copy. If the item is not immediately available, the students can input their email to be notified when it becomes available. The CDL loan periods are consistent with the Print Course Reserves loan periods, i.e. 2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours, 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, or 7 days. There is a blackout time of 15 minutes before the students can have repeated access to the same item.

Please fill-out the online Controlled Digital Lending - Print Course Reserves Request Form.

How CDL work:
Q1. How does an instructor put in the request or get more information about CDL

  • Email or call 808-956-2094 or 808-956-7203 

Q2. What books can be digitized for CDL?*

  • If no ebook is available for purchase and the library owns the physical book or an instructor’s personal copy it can be digitized as a CDL.  
  • Currently assigned course textbooks that are available as an ebook or readily available for sale will not be digitized in whole. 
  • Partial amounts of current textbooks up to about 20% can be digitized.
  • The instructor's personal copy of a trade book that is not commercially available at a reasonable price, hard to find, or out of print can be digitized.
  • Will not digitize and group together chapters from the same title but different editions to form a whole book when there is a commercially available print or e-textbook.
  • Instructors/professors also can check with the subject area librarian checking and purchasing access for the UHM campus if there is an available ebook version of a textbook. 
  • With regards to current assigned course textbooks, the library is mindful of and avoiding any risk of claims of copyright infringement. 

Q3. How to determine what is a textbook vs. a trade book?

  • Check OneSearch item record in the Details section of the record
  • Exam the book itself, back cover, title page, copyright page...etc.
    • If they are an education publisher, i.e. Pearson Education
    • If it states for Education Use
  • Contact Print Reserves Specialist and/or Access Services Department Chair

Q4. Owned-to-loaned ratio - Can the print book be put on Print Course Reserves also?

  • 1 physical copy of a title = 1 digital format, so, the physical copy will not circulate.
  • 5 physical copies of the same title can be digitized and will provide students 5 digital access points. Again, the 5 print copies do not circulate.
  • If there are 3 copies and only copy 1 is digitized for Print Course Reserves CDL, then copy 2 and copy 3 may circulate.
  • The PDF file of the digitized book will not be provided to the instructor.
    • AutoLinks and or QR Codes will be given to the instructor to post on their course outlines or Laulima modules.
    • Instructors and Students will use the MyDocs app to access the CDL readings.

Q5. Can the digital file be copied and redistributed?

  • No. It is Read-Only

Q6. How long does it take to process a CDL request?

  • Per book -could be several days up to three weeks from the time of the request depending on the number of pages and requests in the queue.
  • Requests are digitized in order received.
  • Faculty can prioritize digitizing order - Required reading first, then optional readings.
  • Library staff can digitize to add bookmarks to the content, or can be one long file at instructor’s preference. 

If you have any questions please contact: 

Email -
Phone - 808-956-2094

Phone - 808-956-7203

*U. S. Copyright Office on Fair Use


If you have any questions please contact: 

Email -
Phone - 808-956-2094
Phone - 808-956-7203