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HWST 107A - Hawaii: Center of the Pacific (Honors): Finding Books

About Books

To find books about your person, you need to start with the UH Catalog Voyager. Because the catalog only searches the bibliographic information of a book such as the title, author, and publisher, your search results may have no hits. If this happens to you, don't panic. That just means your person is not findable in the UH Catalog because of its own search limitations. To circumvent this, you will need to use the full-text digital libraries below and the Forbes bibliography.


Library Catalog - UH Hawaiʻi Voyager

Use Hawaiʻi Voyager to find both print and electronic forms of books, videos, and more in the UH System libraries.

(Do not use Hawaii Voyager to find specific journal articles on a topic. Go to the Journal and Magazine Articles tab (above) for information on finding articles.)

Check for books or DVDs at UH System libraries:


Full-Text Digital Libraries

Dissertations & Theses

Getting Library Books

How do you get a book once you find a reference to it in the catalog?

If it's supposed to be at UHM:

  • If its location is Hamilton Hawaiian or Hamilton Pacific, use the Get This Item link in Voyager to request that it be brought out for you.
  • Otherwise, go to the library and get it. (Actually, you can use the Get This Item/Hold or Transfer option to ask us to pull it from the shelf for you, but it takes a day or so. Pick up non-Hawn/Pac books at the main circulation desk on the first floor.)
  • If it's not on the shelf, ask someone to help you find it.
  • If we can't find it, ask us to borrow it from somewhere else.

If it's supposed to be at another UH System library:

  • Request that it be sent here from the other UH System library. Use the Get This Item/Hold or Transfer This Item options in Voyager.
  • Or you can pick it up from that library yourself (quicker).

If it's at another library: