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HWST 107A - Hawaii: Center of the Pacific (Honors): Finding Life Records

Cemetery Directories

Cemeteries provide birth and death date. Inscriptions on graves will generally include: birth and death dates, relationship, kind of tombstone, other inscription information.

Vital Records

Vital records help you piece together key information about your person's life such as their birth, marriage, and death dates, as well as information about their immediate family members such as mother, father, and spouse.

Kūʻē Petitions

The Kū'ē petitions are organized by island and district, then by men and women. Determine what area you think you person lived, go to the appropriate section in either version of the petitions, then search name by name, column by column.

Census Records

Census usually contains lists of all persons in household, sex, age, marital status, citiizenship/nationality, occupation, ownership of livestock, ownership of property.

Court Records

Court records started to become available from 1842. The Kingdomʻs courts were divided into 5 Circuits.
Oahu (1st Circuit), Maui (2nd Circuit), Hawaii (3rd & 4th Circuit), Kauai (5th Circuit).