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Simmons Insights

Getting Started

Define Your Question

What brand or product or lifestyle are you exploring?

What do you want to learn about the customers related your product?

  • Demographics: gender, age, income, level of education
  • Psychographics: general attitudes, self-concepts, lifestyles
  • Media use: time spent, media choices (print, radio, television, internet)


Open the platform with your name, UH email and "role" (student, faculty, etc.)


Default Crosstab and Study

The database defaults to a Crosstab "Simmons Smart Search" screen with the most recently available National Consumer Study. Use the Study menu if you want to change to another study (for example, SimmonsLocal, Simmons Connect, etc.), or click the Essentials tab and select Quick Reports to use the 13 prepared report templates.



In our example,

  • Columns will be used for the target ("Who you want to know about." For example, "men aged 18-24"), and;
  • Rows will be used for what you want to find out about the target ("What you want to know about the people you want to know about." For example, what brands do they buy, what do they read, where do they shop?).