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Simmons OneView

Quick Reports

After selecting Quick Reports button, it is recommended that you change your study to Simmons Connect. This will allow you to use all 13 prepared reports and access all of the digital data collected in the Simmons Connect study. Otherwise you will only have access to the Demographic Profile and the Segmentation.


In this example, we will keep the Base as all adults, 18 and over (default).

We will select Bloomindale's as our Target. (For this example, go to SHOPPING > DEPT/DISC/CHLD/CLOTH/STORES-SH LST 3 MO. Select BLOOMINGDALE'S and drag it to the Target box.)

Select desired report. In this example, we will select Demographic Profile. Click Run Analysis.



Now you can export to Excel. The report is automatically broken into additional sheets by variable.

Click the Edit bar to change to another report, for example, Segmentation. You will be amazed at the amount of information in each report.