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Okinawan Studies: Languages (Uchinaaguchi/Ryukyuan)

Okinawa Studies Library Guides

Printed Dictionaries

Ryukyuan (Okinawan) Dictionaries

Dialect Dictionaries / 方言辞典 (including Okinawan dialects)

Accent (Pronunciation) Dictionaries / アクセント (発音) 辞典

Printed Language Guide Books

Online Databases

  • Ryukyuan Language Database / 琉球語音声データベース  (JPN version)
    This database is developed by the University of the Ryukyus and contains Amami and Miyako dialects.

            ryudai database


Aloha Uchinaaguchi Lessons

Aloha Uchinaaguchi Channel on Youtube
There are 15 videos created by Aloha Uchinaaguchi and you are able to learn basic conversation in Uchinaaguchi.

Let's Play with Uchinaa! / うちなあーであそぼ


Uchina De Asobo / うちなーであそぼ is a five-minute TV program broadcasted by NHK Okinawa.  (JPN version)