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Okinawan Studies: Newspapers/Magazines

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Online Newspapers

Online magazines

Okinawa Newspapers Published Before WWII


  • Ryukyu Shimpo / 琉球新報  (JPN version)
    • 1898-1918 and 1938-1940 are available on PC#3 at the Asia Collection Reading Room on the 4th floor of Hamilton Library (software is already installed)
    • Vol. 1 (1898-1903),  vol. 2 (1904-1908),  vol. 3 (1909-1913), and  vol. 4 (1914-1918)
  • Kindai Okinawa Shinbun Shusei DVD-ban / 近代沖縄新聞集成DVD版  (JPN version)
    • Access at PC #2 of the Asia Reading Room
    • Library Use Only (available Mon-Fri, 10-4pm)
  • Okinawa Nippo / 沖縄日報 covered from 1936 to 1940 (DVD version)
  • Okinawa Mainichi Shinbun / 沖縄毎日新聞 covering from 1909-1914 (DVD version)
  • Ryukyu Shinpo / 琉球新報 covering from 1898-1912

Okinawa Magazines List

Okinawa Newspapers Published After WWII

Online Database/Microfilm/DVD-R

  • okinawa times  Okinawa Times (UHM Use Only) (JPN version)

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