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Chinese Studies -- The Sixth National Population Census of China (NPCC) Database -- 2010: Guide


The Sixth National Population Census of China (NPCC)Database - 2010  中国第六次人口普查数据库 

Licensed for UHM use only

It collects all data of 2010 Chinese population census that published by China Statistics Press. The census includes a complete population data of the whole country, 31 provinces and centrally administered municipalities. It also includes 2872 units at county level.  The contents are categorizes by gender, age, nationality, permanent residence registration, education level, industry, occupation, social security, marriage, fertility, death, housing, migration and etc.

Both content and interface are currently in Chinese. The English version will be provided after April of 2014.

​NPCC Title List -- Licensed for UHM use only







































   中国2010年人口普查分乡, 镇, 街道资料

   Link to 中华人民共和国国家统计局  National Bureau of Statistics of the People's Republic of China -- Free access

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