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History 389: the Asia-Pacific War: Index

Dr. Yuma Totani's History 389 class in Fall 2019

This guide is to assist HIST 389 students with resources that are introduced in the Library Session.

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Asia Reference Desk:MON-FRI: 10:00 am-4:00 pm, SATURDAY & SUNDAY: closed, All Library Hours

Target: Japanese Children & Mothers

Target: Outside of Japan

nippon cover   Nippon 1934-1944

Creator: Yonosuke Natori 名取洋之助. Natori learned photography and photo magazine creation in Germany.
Published in English, German, French & Spanish

front cover   Front 1942-1945
Creator: Sozo Okada, Okada originally worked with Natori Yonosuke and together established "Nihon Kobosha" in 1933.
Translated to 15 foreign languages.

The Japanese empire

Target: Japanese Children and Mothers

anime dvd cover   Japanese anime classic collection
Optional subtitles in Chinese, English, Japanese, or Korean (original animation in Japanese)
Fifty-five vintage Japanese animated short films, originally produced between 1928-1950

Norakuro series example: Private Norakuro (1933) on YouTube