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Japan-JPN 640: Mysteries of Modern Japanese Fiction: kajiyama Collection

Resource guide for JPN 640: Misteries of Modern Japanese Fiction-Crime, Detection and Deviance (Fall 2019)

Kajiyama Collection

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The Kajiyama Collection consists of the personal library of the late novelist Toshiyuki Kajiyama, containing over 7,000 titles in the following major categories:

Works on Korea, Japanese emigration documents covering North and South America, Hawai'i and Southeast Asia, materials documenting Japanese colonization activities in Manchuria, Taiwan and Southeast Asia/Pacific, historical, political and economic books on Japan from the Edo to post-World War II period, and Mr. Kajiyama's own works with his source materials. For more information:

This is the list of the materials related to "erotic エロ" "grotesque グロ" and others that Kajiyama categorized as "風俗 fuzoku." 

Access: Please contact the Japan Studies Librarian in advance.