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LIS Research Guide: Home

A guide intended to help people access information resources related to the field of library and information science, with a specific focus on students in the UH Mānoa LIS Program.

Library and Information Science

Welcome to the Library and Information Science guide to research!

Created by actual librarians!


Note: This experimental, groundbreaking interactive guide is designed to serve all of your needs and desires in the realm of locating relevant information resources related to information and libraries and the science thereof. But it only functions with your input! Send feedback to the subject liaison listed on this page or to whatever future official LIS libguide creation committee might or might not exist.

What's a library, anyway?

Nā Waihona Puke

A library can be much more than its name implies: a place, depository, or collection of books. Of course, Ka Hale Waihona Puke o Ke Kula Nui o Hawaiʻi ma Mānoa is indeed filled with many books. ʻOiaʻiʻo, nui nā puke! But what other sorts of resources or services might be found in the library? And what other sorts of embodiments might a library take?

Where is all the information?

This library and information science library guide is currently under construction. That is, it is always adapting, like any properly functioning information technology system should be. Due to historical circumstances, laziness inertia, and a wide variety of other factors, information will likely be grouped into sections best located through the tabs at the top of the page. But this could change depending on what best suits your current and/or future information needs and desires. Only time will tell.


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Useful Links

Assuming you wanted to locate information that was somehow not contained within this guide, what sites would you be most likely to navigate towards? And would it be useful to have links to these sites on this guide's home page? (see this alternate LIS guide for an example of a home page with two sections of potentially helpful links.)


While this library guide focuses on information sources that are accessible through the UH Mānoa Library, what are the consequences of privileging knowledge that is capable of being housed within conventional library infrastructure, or even, for that matter, capable of being accessed through highly biased corporate Internet search engines?

While no doubt a powerful and useful information tool, due to its inherent institutional biases, and depending on the specific talents and focuses of its current human staff and technological infrastructure, in some cases the UH Mānoa Library might not be the best place to locate information specific to your present informational needs.