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HWST 341: Moʻokūʻauhau: Home

This guide was created for the students of HWST 341 to help them with their personal genealogy research. There is special emphasis on land-related resources.

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Librarian Contact Information

Keahiahi Long
keahiahi [at] hawaii [dot] edu
2645 Dole Street, Kama 208
Honolulu, HI 96822


Aloha kākou!  This LibGuide was created for the students of HWST 341: Moʻokūʻauhau.  The resources shared here will aid in your research for information about your ʻohana.  There is a special emphasis on land-related resources.

Genealogy Research How-To Guides

Tips for Your Genealogy Journey

Ask your ʻohana!

  • They are the best resource for information regarding your family.  They can be a good starting point for names, dates, and relationships.  Your ʻohana will also be able to contextualize the historical information you find with personal moʻolelo.

Keep good notes & always make copies

  • Use pedigree charts, collections activity logs, etc. to document your search -- you don't want to have to repeat sections of your research.  Also, be sure to leave master & official documents at home when you visit other repositories -- take copies with you.

E ahonui

  • Genealogy research is life-long work.  It may be complicated and frustrating at times.  But the connections you make with your ʻohana (past and present) throughout the process is so rewarding.