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Chemistry Open Educational Resources: Chemistry 161/162

OER Chemistry

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Khan Academy Videos: Chemistry

Chemistry Course Descriptions

CHEM 161 General Chemistry I (3) Basic principles of chemistry, including stoichiometry. Introduction to solution phase chemistry. Gas phase chemistry. Thermodynamics, including enthalpies of formation and reaction. Atomic structure, periodic trends, chemical bonding, molecular structure.

CHEM 161L General Chemistry Lab I (1)

CHEM 162 General Chemistry II (3) Continuation of 161. Liquids and solids. Solutions and colligative properties. Continuation of thermodynamics, including entropy and free energy. Principles and applications of chemical equilibrium, including acid-base chemistry (titrations, buffers). Kinetics. Redox reactions and electrochemistry.

CHEM 162L General Chemistry Lab II (1)

Introductory Chemistry

General Chemistry: Principles, Patterns, and Applications

UCDavis Chem Wiki

Literature (pre-1923)

Chemistry Lab Resources