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2017 Ryukyu Kafu Public Lecture / 2017年琉球家譜系図講演: Home

About the Lecture

On August 31, 2017, Professor Masayuki Dana (田名真之), Director of Okinawa Prefectural Museum & Art Museum, delivered a public lecture on Ryukyuan genealogy in Hamilton Library. The lecture was delivered in Japanese. A simultaneous interpretation accompanied the lecture.  Hamilton Library and the Center for Okinawan Studies at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa (COS) co-sponsored the event.

Speaker: Masayuki Dana, Director of Director of Okinawa Prefectural Museum & Art Museum (as of August 2017)

Title: Kafu (家譜 / lineage documents) in Okinawa: an overview and examination of the Uchima Family documents

Date: August 31, 2017 

Location: Room 301, Hamilton Library 


Transcripts of the Lecture


  • Welcome remarks by the Interim University Librarian, Monica Ghosh, Ph.D.
  • Introduction of Prof. Masayuki Dana (speaker) and Ms. Ayano Hara (simultaneous interpreter) by Okinawa Studies Librarian
  • Public lecture by Prof. Masayuki Dana
  • Q&A

1. A transcript of the public lecture in Japanese by Prof. Masayuki Dana


2. A translation of the public lecture by an interpreter (in English)

Video-recording of the Event

Closed caption is provided by the program. Closed caption (transcription) can be turned on and off by clicking a Closed Caption (CC) icon at the bottom of the screen.

Transcripts in Japanese and English are provided in the above box on this page.

Related Resources

Background Story: How the Uchima kafu came to the University of Hawai'i Library

Bazzell, Tokiko Y. (2011) "From the Past to the Future: Our Responsibility to Perpetuate Heritage with Written Documents" [PDF]

Kafu resources

  • Naha City Museum of History / 那覇市歴史博物館

The museum has 961 kafu records. (as of December 2018)

Among 961 records, 137 records have images. 

Naha City Kafu Records

  • Ryukyu kafu database / 琉球家譜目録データベース (in Japanese / Created by Prof. Miki Watanabe)

  • About Ryukyuan kafu / 琉球の家譜について:概要 (in Japanese / Written by Prof. Miki Watanabe)

  • Articles and other writings on kafu
    • Dana, M. (1979). Ryūkyū kafu no seiritsu to sono igi. Okinawa shiryō henshūjo kiyō, no. 4, 1-32. [In Japanese] / 田名真之、「琉球家譜の成立とその意義」、『沖縄資料編集所紀要』、第4号、1-32。
    • Hayase, C. (2011). Hawai Daigaku shozō "Mōsei seikeizu" (Uchima-ke kafu): Umi o watatta kafu. Retrieved from [In Japanese] / 早瀬千明、「ハワイ大学所蔵「毛姓世系図」(内間家家譜): 海を渡った家譜」、沖縄県立博物館・美術館、学芸員コラム。 
    • Watanabe M. (2006). Kinsei Ryūkyū no samuree to risshin shusse. Kenkyukai notes [PDF document]. [In Japanese] 渡辺美季、「近世琉球の士と『立身出世』」社会制度の持続性第 11 回研究会資料。
  • Books on Kafu
    • Higa C. (2005). Shizoku monchū kafu. Okinawa-ken Nishihara-chō : Kyūyō Shuppan. [In Japanese] / 比嘉朝進、『士族門中家譜』(球陽出版、2005年)。


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