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Course Reserves: Faculty Info

Put Items on Course Reserve Using OneSearch

Requesting items to be placed on Course Reserves through OneSearch.

Search for a title in the blank field
Select the search label - This Library

Title list displays.  Click the title.

Click  Request for Course Reserves (Faculty Only) - You may have to sign-in with your UH username and UH password.

For Media request check the Media box. For books and eBooks, keep it blank.
Fill out the Request for Course Reserves form and click Submit. 

Incomplete form will delay processing. 
Please note that this submission does not guarantee that the item will be made available for Course Reserve.

Put Items on Course Reserve In-Person and Email

There are two more options to put items on reserve:

Visit the Hamilton Library Circulation Desk during normal business hours to make your reserve request.

Download a printer friendly reserves form. 

Save a copy and email it as an attachment to:


General Information for faculty

Requests and items may be submitted one year in advance. Upon receipt of your completed request the following processing times will apply: 

  • Digitized text reserves - 1 day to 5 working days for every 25 pages. Must be copyright and ADA compliant
  • Personal copies and reprints - 1 day to 5 working days. Must be copyright compliant
  • Links to online articles or streamed media - 1 day to 6 weeks. Must be copyright and ADA compliant
  • Library materials - 3 days to 2 weeks

For items that are not in the library's collection and require ordering, please supply as much information as possible (publisher, distributor, address/telephone, year, ISBN #, etc). Please allow at least two months for the ordered items to be put on reserve. Only one copy can be purchased due to limited funds. 

Reserve items are used by many people, so please remember that any library item may already be in use for another course or faculty. If the same item is used by multiple courses or faculty for differing loan periods then the shorter loan period will be used.

We advise you to turn your list in as soon as possible so that we may accommodate your needs.

Materials from these collections may NOT be placed on Reserve:

  • Hawaiian / Pacific
  • Charlot and all special collections
  • Public Health Library
  • Periodicals and reference materials
  • Inter-Library Loan
  • UH Systems Libraries

Make arrangements directly with these departments and inform students that items must be used at their respective locations.

Disclaimer for Personal Copies: 
The University of Hawai`i Library at Mānoa will not be responsible for any damaged, missing and/or lost personal copy while on reserve. Faculty will be notified to either replace the personal copy or to withdraw it from reserve.

Although staff take all reasonable precautions, personal materials on reserve are at some risk. Do not place valuable or irreplaceable items on reserve.

End of the semester procedures:
Reserve lists and items will automatically be withdrawn from Reserve at the end of the semester.

All links to digitized text, online articles and ebooks, and streamed media will be removed.

Reprints and personal copies will be delivered to the departmental office. Pick up by faculty are welcomed. Library books will be returned to their respective libraries shelves.

Deadlines for submitting Course Reserve list:

Deadlines for submitting Course Reserves list

Overdue Fines:

  • Course Reserve items: $1.00 per hour or fraction thereof. There is no grace period.
  • An item is considered lost when the fine reaches $10.00. Lost charges include the replacement cost of the item, a $10 NON-REFUNDABLE processing fee and accumulated overdue fines.
  • Reserve items must be returned to Hamilton Library Circulation Desk by the date and time indicated.
  • Fines are calculated hourly even when the library is closed, including weekends and holidays.
  • Your borrowing privilege is suspended whenever the amount you owe to the Library totals $10 or more.
  • Payments can be made at the Business Office at Hamilton Library.

Location and Hours


Please see announcement on the Homepage



Phone: 808-956-7203