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Maps, Aerial Photographs, and GIS (MAGIS): Maps

About the Map Collection

The Map Collection is located adjacent to Government Documents on the ground floor of Hamilton Library. The collection focuses on Hawai`i, Asia, and the Pacific. 

It is a closed collection -- MAGIS staff will help you identify and retrieve maps for your use in the Library (maps cannot be charged out). And, we have many maps in our collection that are not in the Library Catalog, so please allow us to assist you in finding maps to meet your needs.

Please make an appointment by calling 808-956-2528, sending an e-mail to, or use the map request form. Map reference assistance may not be available to walk-ins.


The University of Hawaii Library is a Federal Regional Depository.


Hawaiʻi Maps

We aspire to provide comprehensive coverage of the state of Hawaiʻi. In addition to contemporary maps, we have a large collection of Hawaiʻi historical maps.

If you do not find what you need in our digital and map collections, see the LibGuide Map Collections in Hawaiʻi and Online Collections of Hawaiʻi Maps.

Historical Maps

See also: Hawaii Topographical Maps.

Hawai'i Historical Maps, 1885-1904
Hawaiian Government and Territory Survey maps of the Hawaiian Islands (Georeferenced tiff versions for use in GIS).

State of Hawaiʻi Land Survey Map Search
Search for File Plans, Government Survey Registered Maps, Hawaiʻi State Survey/Hawaii Territorial Survey plat maps, Hawaiian Home Lands plat maps, and more. Many of these maps have been digitized and can be downloaded. Consult the indexes to determine map number. We have print reproductions of some (mostly Honolulu area) plans in our collection.

State Land Survey Miscellaneous Maps
Arranged by island. May include homestead, fish ponds, plantations, ahupua`a, and various other historic maps in pdf format.

State Land Survey Honolulu Historical Maps
Maps dating from 1897 to 1950 may be downloaded in pdf format.

AVA Konohiki
Digitized land records and maps, with focus on documents that were written and produced in the 1840s and 1850s, when lands in Hawaiʻi first went into private ownership.   

Maui, Hawaiian islands. Primary triangulation by W.D. Alexander and S.E. Bishop ; topography and boundaries by W.D. Alexander, C.J. Lyons, M.D. Monsarrat, ...[et al.] ; map by F.S. Dodge. Hawaiian Government Survey, 1885.

Dakin Fire Insurance Maps
Digitized large scale maps of Honolulu 1891, 1899, and 1906.

Hawaiian Land Divisions (Island Breath)
Moku and ahupuaa divisions in several downloadable digital formats for each of 8 major islands.

Kipuka Database - Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA)
A geographical information system (GIS) that provides maps about native Hawaiian land, culture and history.  Kipuka links historic data sets to geographic locations. The foundation of Kipuka is the traditional land system, mokupuni divided into moku, ahupua‘a, ili and kuleana. Also search in the Papakilo Database (OHA) for historical data and information on cultural sites and land.

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps (1914-1957)
We have different versions of these important historical maps which show building and street information for towns and cities at a large scale.

  • We have a set of 1914 (revised to show changes up to 1923) original, color maps for Honolulu. A digitized copy of this set is available from the Map Collection Digital Repository.
  • A black & white, scanned collection is available online (UH Library login required). Hawaii State Archives may have some maps that we do not.
  • An inventory done a while back indicates where various Hawaii sets may be held.

Sugar Mill and Cannery Map of the Territory of Hawaii  (fire insurance maps)
Sanborn Map Company, circa 1919. Index on first image; map numbers in upper left and upper right corners.

Historical Maps of other places:

Congressional Serials Set Maps (1817-1980) (UHM login required)
Click on Newsbank Readex, then Serial Set Maps.

Old Maps Online
An gateway to historical maps in libraries around the world. It allows the user to search for online digital historical maps across numerous different collections via a geographical search.

Topographic Maps - Hawaii, U.S. & Territories

Topographic Map Symbols (pdf) (USGS)

About Topographic Maps (Geomart) how to read a topo, map scales, symbols.

USGS Topo apps are now available for Android and iPhone.

USGS topos are now being updated in digital format only.

2013 Update on US Topo program (pdf)


MAGIS houses a collection of print USGS topographic maps at scales of 1:24,000, 1:100,000, and 1:250,000.  All editions for Hawaii and current editions for other states are retained.

To identify the quad you are interested in, search GNIS by placename, use the USGS Map Locator or use TopoView (does not yet include 2013 maps).

USGS has updated all Hawaii 1:24,000 quads this year.
Download 2013 geopdfs for Hawaii.

(These maps allow you to view shaded relief or orthophotos as well as the traditional topo. Here is an example of metadata for the 2013 Honolulu quad. Note that the roads and orthophoto layers are not in the public domain.) The most recent quads for American Samoa, Guam, Palau, Northern Marianas, and Fed. States of Micronesia may also be downloaded.

For Hawaii quad indexes, use the link below.

View and download digitized Hawaii Topographic Quadrangles (1910s - 1990s)
We are in the process of digitizing our print collection of 1:24,000 topographic maps. For editions that have not yet been digitized, visit us in the Map Collection. If you need a digital scan, place your request using this form.


Pacific Islands Topographic Maps (Perry-Castañeda Library)

To find out what editions of a quad were published, search the US Topo and Historical Map database.

USGS Map Locator
Download topographic maps from all states, including historical versions, in Geopdf format.



Topographic Maps -- Foreign

For some countries, these are the only maps available.

Joint Operations Graphic (JOG)
Worldwide coverage at a scale of 1:250,000 topographical/aeronautical. Many digitized JOGs are online.

Army Map Service (AMS) Series

The U.S. Army Mapping Service (AMS) sets were produced during World War II  and cover most of Europe, North Africa, East and South Asia, and Pacific Islands. The scales vary from 1:250,000, 1:50,000, and 1:25,000. Consult library staff for assistance with this collection. AMS Catalog search form (click on Edit and add country name to focus search results). Please fill out and submit a service request form so we can retrieve the maps from our collection.

Digital AMS Series Online

Numerous AMS series (good coverage of Asia and Western Pacific)
Univ. of Texas Libraries

Numerous AMS series
Univ. of Florida George A Smathers Libraries/Digital Collections

China 1:250,000 (primarily southeast China)
Series L500, U.S. Army Map Service, c. 1950
Harvard Libraries

International Map of the World 1:1,000,000
Univ. of Texas Libraries


Indexes to other AMS series:

Earth Sciences & Map Library(Univ. of California, Berkeley)

College of Asia & Pacific Topographic Map Series Index (Australia National University)
Although this list only has a few AMS series, it includes several other topo series. Index images indicate their holdings, not ours.




Political Maps

CIA Maps
The CIA publishes basic country outline maps with minimal information. We have a print collection of various editions; undated maps are available on the World Factbook website. In additon to page-sized maps by country, World and regional maps are also available.

United Nations Maps
Maps of regions and countries. These maps include more information than CIA maps. Maps of UN Missions are also available.

Road and Tourist Maps


We have a collection of country, U.S. state, city, and recreational maps. We also have DeLorme Street Atlases for western states. These maps are not cataloged.




Thematic Maps

National Geographic Maps
We have a large collection of map supplements published in concert with National Geographic Magazine. Subjects range from physical/political maps of countries and world regions to world languages, bird migration, and earthquakes. These maps may be identified by using this library catalog search and adding your topic or place of interest to the second keyword search box.

Geologic Maps
Geological Maps are published by the Federal Government (USGS), state geological surveys, and professional societies. The USGS publishes geological maps of all states and many countries.  Good sources for identifying published geological maps are GeoRef and the National Geologic Map Database.  Once you have identified a map of interest, search the online library catalog to determine if the Library owns a print copy and to find the location and call no.  Many state geological surveys have maps available for download on their websites at no charge.

Oil & Gas Maps
The Perry Casteñada Library at the Univ. of Texas has scanned and posted many oil and gas maps online. The map collection also has print maps, a number of which are not available online due to copyright restrictions.

Military Maps

World War Two Asia-Pacific (West Point Dept. of History)
Additional West Point Military Atlases including Korean War and Vietnam War.

Korean War Project Map Library

Nautical Charts

Nautical charts provide information about oceans, coasts, and harbors.

Our extensive print collection covers waters of the World as well as the United States. Please consult with Library staff. We retain historical charts for Hawaii and the Pacific islands.

Digital copies are also available:

NOAA Charts for U.S. Waters

Historical Charts for the U.S. and territories/possessions. Results include bathymetric, base, gravity, magnetic, and other cartographic maps published by NOAA.

Global Charts
Regions available online: North America; Western Africa, Mediterranean, Black Sea; Eastern Asia, South Eastern Russia, Philippines. We have fairly complete print holdings of all published charts. The University of Oregon Libraries has created an index to identify current nautical charts for your area of interest as well as instructions on reading the index images.

Learn more about Nautical Charts  

Aeronautical Charts

Tactical Pilotage Chart (TPC)
The TPC is the standard worldwide medium-scale aeronautical chart series (1:500,000). TPCs provide essential cartographic data appropriate to scale, and are overprinted with stable aeronautical information such as contour lines, obstructions, special use air-space, navigational aids, and related data. Many digitized TPCs are available for viewing in the Perry Castenada Map Collection (use clickable maps).

Operational Navigation Chart (ONC)
The ONC is the standard worldwide small- scale (1:1,000,000) aeronautical chart series, and contains cartographic data with an aeronautical overprint depicting obstructions, aerodromes, special use airspace, navigational aides, Maximum Elevation Figures (MEFs), and related data.

Indexes to TPCs and ONCs (Geomart)

Jet Navigation Chart  (JNG)
Very small scale (1:2,000,000). Relief shown by contours, shading, tints, and spot heights. Includes terrain characteristic and water tints diagrams and index to JNC series.


Maps by Country or Region

Service Request Form

Digital Map Repository

Digital map repository on eVols at the University of Hawaii at Manoa Library

The University  of Hawaii at Manoa Library holds a large collection maps, with emphasis on Hawaii, Asia, and the Pacific. The Library is in the process of scanning and making the maps available online in various forms. We have made many of the most frequently requested maps available on the library's institutional repository (eVols). This site is in development.


Understanding Maps

Fundamentals of Mapping (Commonwealth of Australia)
A concise summary of mapping concepts, principles, and practices.

Comparing Map Projections (Mike Bostock)

Map Scales (USGS)

Selected Country/Regional Map Sites

The best index to digitized maps on the Internet is the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection.
It is organized geographically and is very well maintained.

Australia Geoscience (National government)

East Asia Maps in the Bruman Collection (UCLA Library)
More than 500 historical maps of China, Japan, Korea, and Manchuria.

Japan Geography Links (Harvard Univ.)
A collection of links to selected map and GIS sites.

Outline Maps

Options for obtaining a very basic country or state map.

Maps on File (print in MAPS REF)
Copyright free looseleaf sheets to copy or scan.

Free country outline maps  for educational use. (   
          State maps are here.

Free outline maps.

National Geographic MapMaker
Easy to create pagemaps for countries, world regions, or states showing cities, rivers, and lakes.

CIA Maps
Several types of map for select countries. The CIA World Factbook includes basic maps in country profiles.These U.S. government documents are copyright-free.

The National Atlas has several printable maps for each U.S. state.

UH Libraries subscribes to online. Go to the library catalog and search your country or state name and add to locate these. To download a map, you must first set up a personal ebrary account. Maps of U.S. states include county boundaries.

Perry-Castenada Library has many more links to map websites of this nature.

Where to Buy Maps

Bookstores in Hawaii:

Pacific Map Center (Waipahu)
Carries topographic maps, navigation charts and books, street maps, wall maps, and cartographic tools.

The UH Manoa Bookstore has selected maps and road atlases, primarily for the Hawaiian Islands.

Basically Books in Hilo carries a broad selection of maps and charts.

Order Online:

An extensive list of map dealer can be found at the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection website (