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Maps, Aerial Photographs, and GIS (MAGIS): Data Viewing and Downloading Agreement

Information about the physical and digital collections in Maps, Aerial Photos, and Geographic Information Systems. Also the GIS Lab and GIS data and imagery sources.

Manoa MAGIS Data Viewing and Downloading Agreement


  • Photographs, data and other information from Manoa MAGIS are available to the public for information and research purposes; maps, remote sensing data (aerial photographs) and GIS data that are in the public domain can be used for other purposes; the responsibility of determining which data is in the public domain and which is not, lies with the user. Please use the USGS guidelines as an example. Similar restrictions may apply for products of other data providers such as the USDA and NOAA.

  • Metadata was not included when we purchased the imagery from USGS, USDA, The Navy or NOAA. Information, including any kind of metadata in these photographs are gleaned from the edges of the photographs themselves. Manoa MAGIS is therefore not responsible for any errors in copying down information from the photographs, including dates. While every effort has been made to minimize errors, one may find occasional errors. Manoa MAGIS created data such as latitude and longitude are approximate and are not tested for accuracy.

  • Manoa MAGIS and the University of Hawaii at Manoa Library are not responsible in any way for any outputs and their effects based on information downloaded or gleaned from the Manoa MAGIS website.

  • The risk attached to viewing, downloading and using information from the Manoa MAGIS site rests entirely with the user.

I agree with the above statements, allow me to continue to the viewer.

I disagree with the above statements. Take me to the Manoa MAGIS LibGuide