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Hawaiʻi - Hawaiian Thesis Research


As you embark on this journey of research, one of the central aspects of your research to think about is your research methodology or theoretical lens through which you ground, frame, and analyze your research, as well as the technical research methods that you will use to collect, synthesize, and be accountable to your research sources. Below are some readings that theorize on Hawaiian and Indigenous research methodologies. You can find more by searching the following search strings in OneSearch: research methodologies + Indigenous or Pacific or Hawaiian. If your research topic is interdisciplinary, you may want to search for discipline-specific literature on methodologies and methods by using the example search string as a template: linguistics research methods, then browse the subject headings of relevant results and click those subject headings to find more.  Another good strategy to find research methodologies and methods is to read that section in theses and dissertations published on research topics similar to yours.