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Hawaiʻi - Census 1890 Enumeration Sheets

Enumeration sheets for Hawaii Census 1890

While the 1890 census covered all the islands, unfortunately, these are only enumeration sheets that survived for the 1890 census.

Historic maps to help pinpoint locations

1876 Map of the Hawaiian Islands

1886 The Hawaiian Islands

1887 The Hawaiian Islands and Craters






This digital collection was created to help kānaka find their ancestors in the 1890 census. Digital images of this census come from the three original microfilm reels. They are available online in the Hawaiʻi State Archive's Census Collection. Mahalo nui to them for digitizing and making these available.

Locations are listed by island, district, and census tract for a particular place. Locations here are arranged in the order that they appeared on the microfilms. The locations are written as they appeared, including question marks and excluding any brackets for ease of readability. This collection is meant for you to browse family names by locations. Some names are searchable in Family Search: Hawaii Island Census Records, 1878-1896 due to their increased indexing. Visit our genealogy research guide for more.

This digital collection would not have been possible without our Native Hawaiian Student Services' Kekaulike Internship intern Keahiloa Kanahele, who spent many hours sorting digital microfilm images into locations.

A special mahalo to the team at Native Hawaiian Student Services for the continued support and aloha for UHM's Hawaiian Collection. This digital collection is inspired by their vision and mission of, "Growing Hawaiian Leaders, Strengthening Hawaiian Research, and Empowering the Lāhui." We hope this digital collection will further their work by helping the lāhui connect with the ea of their ancestors from the 1890s, who, in this time, arose each day as Hawaiian nationals of the sovereign Hawaiian Kingdom. May we never forget the ea of our kūpuna.