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CAB Direct (CAB Abstracts): Searching

Quick Search Screen - Simple Searching

The quick search screen allows users to perform simple single or multi-word searches and phrase searches.

Image of CAB keyword search screen.

This 2:30 video shows the basics required for performing a simple keyword search. It also introduces the display screen and a full CAB Direct database record.

(To view this video file, you will to install the Flash player, if not already installed.)

Simple Searching guide is also available as a PDF file or Word File

Advanced Searching

The Advanced Search Screen allows you to build a complex search strategy on multiple search lines.

Image of CAB advanced search screen.

This 2:37 minute tutorial on the Advanced Search Screen also introduces the idea of limiting search terms to specific data fields like the CAB Direct Indexing terms - very useful for improving the quality or relevance of your search results.

(To view this video file, you will to install the Flash player, if not already installed.)

Advanced Searching guide is also available as a PDF file, Word file, or PowerPoint file.

Going from Database Record to the Full-Text Article

Most of the Library's subscription databases enable you to connect directly from a citation record to the full-text article online, if available.

Click on the Find it link in the database record to search UHM electronic collections for the full-text article.

If we do not have access to the article in an online format (No Full Text available), search Hawaii Voyager to see if we have it available in print.

If we do not have the article in print or electronic format, select Request document via Interlibrary Loan to access the Interlibrary Loan online request form. Interlibrary Loan is a free service provided to you by the Library -- the article will be sent to you within a few days as a pdf.

Additional CAB Direct Tutorial Videos

To view these video files, you will to install the Flash player, if not already installed.

Refining Your Searches

This tutorial shows you how to refine the results of your search with the addition of extra search terms.

Multi-term Searching Using Parentheses and Boolean Operators

NOTE: "Round brackets" is British for "parentheses"

Outputting Your Search Results

Marking records and printing, emailing, or exporting to a bibliographic management software such as EndNote.

Using Your Search History Page

Rerunning and combining your previous searches.

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