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CAB Direct (CAB Abstracts): CAB Thesaurus

CAB Thesaurus

It is a good idea to check to see that you are using the best terms for your topic. The CAB Direct Thesaurus provides access to preferred subject terms.

The CAB Thesaurus is used to index all the key concepts of an article.

You can access the CAB Thesaurus using the "Thesaurus" tab at the top of every CAB Direct page.

The Thesaurus is arranged hierarchically so it displays both broader and narrower search terms -- broader terms are larger in scope; narrower terms are more limited.

Broader, narrower, and related terms can help you find relevant search terms.

Cross-references from non-preferred synonyms to preferred terms.

For example, searching "mosquitoes" gives the preferred term "Culicidae".

Image of CAB thesaurus entry for Mosquitoes.