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China Studies: Chinese Tea and Tea Culture

Provides a starting point for China Studies, including resources to find books, articles, etc.


China has a long history with tea. The discovery of tea plants was credited to Shennong (literally “Divine Farmer”),  a legendary ruler who experimented with many hundreds of herbs. As described in Shennong ben cao jing ("Shennong's Material Medica"), tea was first used as a drug as young tea leaves had the ability to relieve the symptoms of poisoning and reduce the need for sleep. Later with wide cultivation of tea plants, serving tea gradually became a common way of greeting guests, tea culture blossoms. Making and enjoying tea has frequently appeared in literati’ works. Lu Yu's (729-804) Cha jing ("The Classic of Tea"), is the first comprehensive book on tea in the world. In the Song dynasty, caked tea was the main form to be enjoyed. However, loose-leaf tea started to gain popularity and had become the most popular form since the Ming dynasty. Today, the custom of preparing and drinking tea remains an essential part of daily and social lives of Chinese people.   

The Library collects many materials on Chinese tea and its related subject areas. To assist you finding books of your interest, some titles have been selected and divided into four categories below: general works of Chinese tea and tea culture, Chinese tea ceremony and teawares, Chinese tea trade, and reference works

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Wang, Jian. All the tea in China: history, methods and musings. New York: Better Link Press, 2013. 

Chinese Tea: History, Philosophy and Culture

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Chinese Tea Ceremony & Teawares

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Chinese Tea Trade

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Tea fortunes / a Firefret production for Channel Four. [Honolulu, Hawaii] : [Wong Audiovisual Center, University of Hawaii at Manoa], [2016]


Reference Books

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