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Accelerated Nutritional Biochemistry: Syllabus



Week 1  

Human Cells

These resources are from Rice University's OpenStax College, Anatomy & Physiology


Cell Membrane

Cytoplasm and cellular organelles

Nucleus and DNA Replication

Protein Synthesis

Cell Growth and Division

Cellular Differentiation


Protein Synthesis:



Antioxidants Antioxidants in Sports Medicine, CRC Press 2015 NCBI Bookshelf,

July 6: introductions, course overview, the cell (ch 1) July 7: digestive system (ch 2)

Build a body: digestive system (login using facebook account or create a new account--Science magazine award winner:

Kahn Academy Stanford School of Medicine: Digesting Food (16:47)

Basis of Metabolism (11:04)

Systematic Review Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

The Digestive System

What is Celiac Disease  (NIH)

Hungry Microbiome (CSIRO) short film on gut bacteria--amazing!


July 8: quiz 1, protein (ch 6)

Transcription & Translation: The Central Dogma of Biology, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory :1:51 :

Enzymes, BRENDA, enzyme pathways,

July 9: protein (ch 6)

July 10: protein, carbs, quiz 2 (ch 6, ch 3)



Week 2

July 13: carbs (ch 3) July 14: carbs (ch 3)

July 15: quiz 3, lipids (ch 6) July 16: lipids (ch 6)

Fats: slide show Howard Hughes Medical Institute:

July 17: lipids, quiz 4 (ch 6)



Week 3


Introduction to reading research articles:

Meeting Report from “Frontiers in Nutritional Science: Nutritional Metabolomics” article:

The food metabolome: a window over dietary exposure , article:

Annual Review of Nutrition, just an example of an article, "Cocoa and Human Health" :


Science of Fat, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Deconstructing Obesity, approx. 55' : Lecture by Jeffrey Friedman, discoverer of Leptin:  

Nutrition modules at HHMI: