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Hawaii - Oral Histories at UHM Library's Hawaiian Collection

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General Information

The information in this guide is intended to help you find and use oral history transcripts held at the Hawaiian Collection at UHM Library.


After oral history interviews are conducted, the recordings are transcribed and reviewed by the interviewer and interviewee. After corrections are made, the transcript then becomes the version of the oral history approved for use by researchers. The transcript, then, is the form of the oral history that you get to use.


The recordings of the interviews typically are kept at the project's home institution. Access may be restricted, but typically they are available for use upon request. Researchers may be asked or required to have reviewed the transcript prior to use of the recordings. At our library you will find sound recordings and videorecordings of oral histories and interviews.

Where To Find Them

Transcripts will be found at the Hawaiian Collection and/or the general Hamilton Library collections, and in some cases in other specialized collections. Note the Hawaiian Collection's and general library hours (see box at left).

Recordings will be found at the Sinclair Audiovisual Center. Their hours can be found in the general library hours page.

Oral History as a Research Method

Subject Guide

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