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Getting the Most Out of Web of Science: Citation Report

Citation Reports

Citation Reports in Web of Science provide a composite of various citation statistics for your search results.

A few of the statistics you can view are:

  • The total number of times all the records in your search have been cited

  • The total number of citing articles for all of the items in your search results

  • The average number of times the articles from your search have been cited

Citation Reports also allow you to easily create graphs of these statistics and determine the h-index for your search results.

Watch this video to learn more about how Citation Reports can benefit you and how to use them!

Citation Reports and Cited Reference Searching

Take note that Citation Reports in Web of Science only reflect the articles indexed in Web of Science.

However, Cited Reference Searching displays all citing articles, even if they have  not been indexed in Web of Science.

What this means for you, is that you should run a Cited Reference Search along with your Citation Reports, to make sure you are finding all relevant statistics.