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Japan Studies: Access Policy Japan Special: English

Access policy for the special rare collections at the UHM Japan Collection and Okinawa Collection

Access Policy in Englsih

This access procedure applies to the Japan Special Collections: the Sakamaki/Hawley Collection, Kajiyama Collection, Nan'yo Collection, Oliver Statler Collection, Hawaii Karate Museum Collection, and others.  These collections are closed, meaning they are available for study but cannot be checked out.  Access is available only to scholars conducting significant research. Because many items have not been cataloged, arrangements for the retrieval of requested materials must be made well in advance.  Please discuss your research needs with the Japan Studies Librarian. Because of the rare and fragile nature of the collections, please be aware of the following library procedures:

1.  Submit your request to the Japan Studies Librarian via email or mail prior to making your travel plan to Hawaii.  [Application Form (PDF file)]

2.  If your research does not require viewing of original materials, microfilms or photocopies will be provided instead, whenever available.

3.  You may request more than one item to be viewed, however, you can view only three (3) items at any one time.

4.  If you are to come as part of a group, please limit the number in the group to a maximum of three (3) members and include each individual's name, affiliation, and contact information with your initial request.

5.  Use of the materials is monitored by Library staff.

6.  You must wash your hands before handling the materials.

7.  Inside the viewing room, only pencils and/or laptop computers are permitted.  Ballpoint pens, fountain pens, mechanical pencils, and other kinds of writing utensils are prohibited.

8.  Photocopying, photographing and digitizing of materials are not permitted.  Special exceptions may be made at the Library's discretion. [Duplication Consent Form (PDF file)] [Reproduction Consent Form (PDF file)]

9.  Smoking, drinking, and eating are not permitted in the Library.

10.  Publications quoting from or referring to portions of the collections are required to properly acknowledge the source as "Sakamaki/Hawley Collection or Kajiyama Collection, or Nan'yo Collection, Oliver Statler Collection, University of Hawaii at Manoa Library, Honolulu, Hawaii." Please notify us should you have your work published.

Thank you for your interest in the Japan Special Collections, as well as for your understanding and cooperation.