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For all subjects including Lingustics

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Finding Books in Specific Pacific Langauges

Books in UHM's Pacific Collection have been coded using the ISO 639-3. You can search the collection for resources in specific languages from this page.

Library of Congress Call Number Ranges for Browsing

Lingustics (2nd floor Main Building)

  • P1-85                      General
  • P87-96                    Communication. Mass media
  • P94.7                      Interpersonal communication
  • P95-95.6                 Oral communication. Speech
  • P98-98.5                 Computational linguistics;
  •                                Natural language processing
  • P99-99.4                 Semiotics
  • P99.5-99.6              Nonverbal communication
  • P101-410                Language. Linguistic theory;
  •                                Comparative grammar
  • P118-118.7             Language acquisition
  • P121-149                Science of language
  • P201-299                Comparative grammar
  • P215-240                Phonetics and Phonology
  • P241-290                Morphology
  • P291-298                Syntax
  • P299                       Other
  • P301-301.5              Style. Composition. Rhetoric
  • P302-302.87            Discourse analysis
  • P304-305                 Vocabulary
  • P306-310                 Translating and interpreting
  • P321-324.5              Etymology
  • P325-325.5              Semantics
  • P326-326.5              Lexicology
  • P327-327.5              Lexicography
  • P331-365.5              Comparative lexicography
  • P367                        Dialectology
  • P368                        Standard language
  • P375-381                 Linguistic geography
  • P501-675                 Indo-European philology
  • P901-1091               Extinct ancient
  •                                 and medieval languages

Other call number ranges outside the P range


  • BF455-463               Psycholinguistics
  • QP399                      Neurolinguistics
  • (3rd floor addition)


Note, the Pacific Collection on the 5th Floor, Main Building also has books on linguistics in the Pacific. This collection, however, is a closed collection. You have to browse it using our online catalog UH Voyager or speak with a librarian that specializes in Pacific Studies.

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