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Government Documents - General Services Administration, National Archives: National Archives

Guide to our GSA and Archives publications, covering topics such as public buildings, regulations, procurement and contracting, and federal archives.

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The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) was established in 1984. It was formerly known as the National Archives and Records Service, established in 1934 and later part of the General Services Administration. NARA maintaines the archives of federal agencies, the President, and Congress; advises federal agencies about records retention; and houses the Office of the Federal Register.

Government Documents has a partial collection of NARA publications, including the following series:

Special lists (GS 4.7:) Lists of federal records by subject area

Preliminary inventories (GS 4.10:) Lists of records held by NARA, arranged by agency

Prologue (GS 4.23:) Journal of the National Archives

Reference information paper (AE 1.124:) Topical guides to records

Our print and microfiche holdings of NARA publications are fully cataloged. Search for them in OneSearch.

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Cut off your files before they cut you off!

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Preliminary inventory of the records of the Civilian Conservation Corps

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