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Librarianship and Archives in Hawaiʻi and the Pacific

About the bibliography

This is a growing bibliography of Pacific Libraries and Archives. I have split the bibliography in several ways.  The first box contains a list of (mostly) journal titles that frequently include articles about Pacific librarianship and archives. Some journals are specifically about the region and consistently include articles about libraries and archives.  Other are about libraries and archives and consistently include examples from the region.

The second box below is a list of articles and chapters found in the titles listed in the first box, but also gathered from wider searches in more generalized databases or found by flipping through popular press material. I've also included internal documents such as trip reports, meeting reports and collection histories written by those who work in Pacific libraries and archives. As the list is so long, I have split these somewhat arbitrarily by "Libraries", "Archives" and "Research".  The "Research" tab is for that material that is more about the process of using these collections and less about the creation and management of the collections.

Journals and General sources

Articles, chapters and reports

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