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LIS 693: Resources in Hawaiian & Pacific Librarianship, fall 2014

Week 1: August 28 -- Intro


Opening remarks, introductions, discussion of assignments. (Kleiber, Dawrs, Minatodani & Shim)


Tour of Hawaiian and Pacific Collections stacks. (Kleiber & Dawrs)


  • Hand out assignment: Final project
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Week 2: September 4 -- Intro


Overview of the Pacific: Guest speaker: Dr. Terence Wesley Smith. Center for Pacific Islands Studies

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H&P Studies (centers, activities, publications, collections).  (Kleiber & Shim)

Required Readings for September 4


Suggested Readings

Hawaiʻi & Pacific Studies Centers and Collections

Universities and Colleges

Government and Inter-Governmental Agencies


Professional Organizations


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Week 3: September 11 -- databases and newspapers


H&P search techniques 1: databases & reference material.  (Dawrs)


H&P search techniques 2: newspapers.  (Dawrs & Minatodani)


Required Readings

General HP databases and reference resources

Databases, Indexes and Discovery Tools


Library Guides


Tools for advanced searching


H&P Newspapers

Indexes (partial full text)


Library Guides


Reference Texts

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Week 4: September 18 -- spoken/written culture


Capturing Culture: The transition from oral to written.  (Dawrs)


Capturing Culture: Indigenous Voices From (and beyond) the Page.  (Dawrs & MacKenzie)

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  • Reference question #1
  • Final project proposal

Required Readings

Suggested Readings


General tip: When looking for early European and American writing about Hawaii and the Pacific in Voyager, the subject headings [COUNTRY] Discovery and Travel or [COUNTRY] Description and Travel (example: Rapa Nui Discovery and Travel; Hawaii Description and Travel).

Selected databases, Indexes & Online Resources:


Library guide:


Reference texts:




Selected databases & online indexes:
(for a more complete list of electronic resources, see the research strategies page of Literature of the Pacific libguide)


Library Guide:


Reference texts:
(See also the "Reference Materials" section of the Literature of the Pacific libguide)

Unpublished Bibliographies:


Selected literary journals:
See "Reference Materials" section of Literature of the Pacific libguide for a more comprehensive list of Pacific related journals. See the above bibliographies for other citations to journals and anthologies.)

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Week 5: September 25 -- music; science


Capturing Culture: Music, hula, chant and hip-hop.  (Kleiber & Shim)


Agriculture, food production, health and medicineGuest speaker: Eileen Herring, Science and Technology Librarian

Presentation available here.

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Reference Question #2

Required Readings


Hawaiʻi/Pacific Science

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Week 6: October 2 -- stats, geneology


Who’s Counting and Who Counts: statistics, demography and censuses. (Kleiber & Minatodani)


Who’s Counting and Who Counts: genealogy & biography.  (Shim)


Reference Question #3

Required Readings







Resources from Kapena's presentation
(note, this is not a comprehensive list, just resources highlighted in Kapena's presentation. If you find yourself stuck on Reference Question #4, you may want to use the resources with a *** in front. 

Useful Original Records Indexes & Full-text Databases

Useful Published Sources

Journals & Magazines


Biographical Dictionaries

Society, Social, Government Directories

  • Thrums Annual Almanacs, 1875-1974
  • The Blue Book of Hawaiʻi Nei: A Society Directory of the Hawaiian Islands, 1933/34, 1937, 1941
  • ***Government Office Holders, 1843-1959
  • Roster of Legislatures of Hawaiʻi, 1841-1918

Oral Histories

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Week 7: October 9 -- archives; law


Federal and state documents and government archivesGuest speaker: Dainan Skeem, University of Hawaiʻi Archives

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Legal materials.  (Dawrs & Minatodani)


Reference Question #4

Required Readings

Suggested Readings

Databases & Indexes:

LLMC Digital
This electronic collection of legal materials and government documents is the digital version of microfiche collections created by the Law Library Microform Consortium. The collection includes decisions of federal executive branch agencies, boards, and commissions; Congressional Record; and court decisions. Notably, it includes legal material from Kingdom of Hawai'i and Territorial eras, as well as a growing body of Pacific legal material.

TTPI Archives Index
The Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands (TTPI) Archives is a collection of more than 2,000 microfilms that document the workings of the TTPI, which governed much of Micronesia from the end of WWII through 1990. The TTPI Index provides title, author, subject keyword searching for a variety of legal materials, including land documents and assorted court cases.

Library Guides:

Finding Court Records in Hawai'i

Finding Hawai'i Congressional Papers

Hawaiʻi Legal Research libguide

Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands Archives

Internet Resources:

Hawai'i State Archives Digital Collections

Native Hawaiian and Indigenous Scholarship and Legal Resources

Pacific Collection website: legal sources
A varied list of sources compiled by Pacific Collection librarians.

The Pacific Islands Legal Information Institute (PacLii) is an initiative of the University of the South Pacific School of Law and is committed to publishing and providing access to the law for free. It collects and publishes legal materials from American Samoa, Cook Islands, Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Fiji, Guam, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Niue, New Caledonia, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Pitcairn Islands, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tokelau, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu.

Print Resources:

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Week 8: October 16 -- land; maps


History and Documentation: Land Documentation.  (Shim)


History and Documentation: Maps.  (Dawrs) 

Libguides Tutorial (Kleiber)


Required Readings

Suggested Reading


Databases and online resources

Open Access:

Aerial Photo Database for Hawai'i, U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico (1999 and older)
Not technically a map collection, but a useful tool when trying to document recent geographic (and built) history in Hawai'i.

American Memory
Produced by the Library of Congress, the American Memory website includes a wide range of material but is of particular interest for its subset of maps, which includes several historical maps of Hawai'i. These maps can be useful for researching everything from ahupua'a boundaries to changes in the physical environment (for instance, location of historic fishponds) to changes in place names.

Ava Konohiki
Contains a wealth of information related to land in Hawai'i, including text and images sources. Among other items, the site includes original images of Land Commission Awards (along with transcriptions) and ahupua'a maps (currently, the ahupua'a maps only cover O'ahu, but the site is regularly updated as more content becomes available).

David Rumsey Collection
A searchable collection of over 54,000 historic maps and images -- good coverage of Hawai'i, with some Pacific Islands also included.

Hawai'i Census Data
The State Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism produces a number of interactive maps that are based on 2010 census data. Maps are grouped by "Geography" (which shows the outlines of various census areas, down to the block level), "Area Profiles" (which include demographic information for the various census tracks), and "Subject" (which map various census topics in visual form). 

Hawai'i Topographical Maps
The UH-M Library's Maps, Aerial Photos and GIS (MAGIS) Collection is engaged in an ongoing project to digitize and make available online early and modern U.S. Geological Survey maps. The early maps sometimes include ahupua'a boundaries, among other features.

NOAA Historical Map & Chart Collection
A product of the NOAA's Coastal Survey's division. Very useful for tracking changes in coastal areas over time. Note: Coverage includes not only Hawai'i but also Guam, Saipan and occassionally some random maps of other Pacific Islands (coverage for islands beyond Hawai'i is, however, somewhat limited in most cases). Maps range from 19th century through contemporary.

Perry Castaneda Library Map Collection
A collection of links to online, mostly contemporary maps of Australia and the Pacific.

Subscription sources:

Digital Sanborn Maps, 1914-1957--Hawaii
These fire-insurance maps document Hawai'i's built environment, and how it changes over time, between 1914 and 1957. Maps show buildings and businesses. A separate section documents all of the cane and pineapple mills on the islands.

Serial Set Maps
Serial Set Maps is a searchable database of maps that were published as part of U.S. Congressional Serial Set publications. Coverage includes Hawai'i, Guam and American Samoa. (Note, to get to the maps section, after logging in to Newsbank Readex, select "Serial Set Maps, 1817-1980.")


Library Guides:

This is the UH-M library's Maps, Aerial Photos and GIS (MAGIS) department website, which includes links to numerous online sources, as well as information on using the library's physical map and aerial photograph collections.

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Week 9: October 23 -- symposium


Attend: Hawaiian Librarianship Symposium: Preservation


  • Hand out assignment: Reaction Paper #1


Reference Question #5

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Week 10: October 30 - collection management


What Would You Do? General issues in collection management.  (Dawrs)


Reformatting (microfilm, digitization, web-archiving and more).  (Kleiber)


  • Hand out assignment: Reaction Paper #2
  • Hand out assignment: What Would You Do? group project


Reaction Paper #1

Required Readings

Suggested Readings

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Week 11: November 6 - description


Description and Classification: LCSH, LoC, MaoriSH, and other alternatives)Guest speakers: Koa Luke and Shavonn Matsuda - ʻUluʻulu: The Henry Kuʻualoha Giugni Moving Image Archive of Hawaiʻi

Koa Luke's photo Shavonn Matsuda's photo


Discussion with a Pacific LibrarianGuest speakers: Jenny Helieisar, facilitated by Jean Thoulag


Reaction Paper #2

Required Readings

Suggested Readings

  • Goldberg, Jolande. "Library of Congress Hawaiian Law Classification Project." 2013. (part 1, part 2, part 3)
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Week 12: November 13 -- Anthropology v. History


"What would you do?" group assignment presentations


History vs. AnthropologyGuest speakers: Ron Williams & Kekuewa Kikiloi

Ron Williams's photo Kekuewa Kikiloi's photo


  • Hand out assignment: Reaction paper #3


What Would You Do? group project: presentation and paper due

Required Readings

Suggested Readings

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Week 13: November 20 - Field trip


Field trip


Reaction Paper #3

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Give thanks, no class!

Week 14: December 4 - student presentations


Student presentations: final projects

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Week 15: December 11 -- conclusion


Wrap up, post session survey, review


Final Projects

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