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Researching Your School Community: Census Data

This guide explains how to find census data, periodical articles, and other resources related to school/community research.

Census data tutorial

Other resources

How Do I Know Which Survey To Look At?

Before you decide which survey to look at you need to know two things:

1. What type of geographical area am I interested in (e.g. state, county, Hawaiian Homeland, census tract, etc.)?

2. What population characteristics am I interested in?

This handy table can help you decide which survey best fits your needs. Click on the table for a larger view:

Survey Comparison Table

Find Census Data

Hawaiʻi Department of Business, Economic Development, and Tourism (DBEDT) Census Website:

Screenshot of DBEDT census home page

American Community Survey, 2018 5-year Data Profiles Tables 



Total population

DP 02

Total population disaggregated by race

DP 05

Median household income and disaggregated income levels by families

DP 03

Total unemployment rate and disaggregated by race

DP 03 (total only)

Total poverty rate and disaggregated by race 

DP 03 (total only)

Graduation rates (educational attainment)

DP 02

number of individuals 25 years and older with an associate’s degree or higher (educational attainment)

DP 02

Find Census Data website:

Census 2020 logo Tables




Total poverty rate disaggregated by race


Total unemployment rate disaggregated by race