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Wong Audiovisual Center: Equipment


Equipment available for use in the Center includes:

  • Videocassette players (VHS and Betamax)
  • DVD players
  • Blu-ray DVD/VHS player
  • Record (phonographs) players
  • Audiocassette, compact disc (CD) players

Please go to the Circulation Desk to receive a station card. The stations can accommodate up to 6 persons. Stations are available for viewing of closed captioned videos. 

Note: A viewing or listening station that is left unused for more than 10 minutes may be reassigned to another user.

Equipment is not loaned from the Wong Audiovisual Center, but may be available from the University of Hawai'i's Center for Instructional Support in Kuykendall Hall, room 106 (956-8075).


Wong Audiovisual Center equipment may be used by UH Manoa and UH System faculty, staff, and students to play their own media. The Center, however, is not responsible for any resulting damage to the media.



Limited Equipment Available

Make an appointment to use the equipment listed below.
Email -
Hamilton Library Access Services          Phone - 808-956-7203

35mm Slide Projector

Film Strip Projector

Beta Machine

Laserdisc (videodisc) players

Filmstrip viewers with cassette player

Slide projector