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Hawaiʻi - Kūʻē Petitions Anti-Annexation

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You can now search by name in FamilySearchʻs new digital collection, Hawaii, anti-annexation petitions, 1897. If you are not finding any relevant results, search name variations or just by last name. If you continue to not find results, click the links to petition pages and browse for kūpuna by the location they may be living at in 1897.


Molokaʻi Wāhine  
Kona Wāhine Kāne
Koʻolau Kalaupapa        Kāne
Koʻolau Kalawao   Kāne
Koʻolau Pelekunu   Kāne
Koʻolau Wailau   Kāne
Hālawa Wāhine Kāne


Post Route Map from 1906

Post Route Map from 1901